Proxima® 2+


Proxima® 2+

Drainable pouches

Proxima® 2+

Proxima® is a cost-effective range of ostomy pouches. The Proxima® 2+ drainable 2-piece pouches have to be used with a Proxima® 2 base plate of corresponding size. The pouches present a large outlet for ileostomy or colostomy stools evacuation, an integrated filter avoids pouch ballooning.



  • Odor proof plastic film + non-woven backing material on both sides of the pouch
  • Available in beige for more discretion, and transparent for visual control after surgery
  • Laminar filter of 60 mm length to reduce odor and pouch ballooning and decrease the risk of staining clothes
  • Large drainable outlet of 7 cm for easier pouch emptying (ileostomy or colostomy stools) and cleaning of the outlet
  • Reusable rigid clamp
  • Large capacity: 640 ml – 775 ml (ISO 8670-2)
  • Boxes of 10 pouches and 1 rigid clamp


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