Metronidazole 5mg/ml


Metronidazole 5mg/ml


Metronidazole 5mg/ml

Treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by metronidazole susceptible microorganisms (mainly anaerobic bacteria).


Metronidazole is indicated in adults and children for the following indications:

  • infections of the central nervous system (e. g. brain abscess, meningitis)
  • infections of lung and pleura (e. g. necrotising pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia, lung abscess)
  • endocarditis
  • infections in the gastrointestinal tract and the abdominal area (e.g. peritonitis, liver abscess, postoperative infections after colonic and rectal surgery, purulent diseases in the abdominal and pelvic cavities)
  • gynaecological infections (e. g. endometritis, after hysterectomy or caesarean section, childbed fever, septic abortion)
  • infections in the ear-nose-throat and tooth-mouth-jaw regions (e. g. PLAUT-VINCENT-angina)
  • bone and joint infections (e. g. osteomyelitis)
  • gas gangrene
  • septicaemia with thrombophlebitis.

In a mixed aerobic and anaerobic infection, antibiotics appropriate for the treatment of the aerobic infection should be used in addition to Metronidazole B. Braun 5 mg/ml.
A prophylactic use is always indicated prior to operations with a high risk of anaerobic infections (gynaecologic and intra-abdominal operations). Consideration should be given to official guidance on the appropriate use of antibacterial agents.