HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750


HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

Ceramic for veneering zirconia and lithium disilicate frameworks

HeraCeram® Zirkonia 750

HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 is the perfect choice for framework materials with a CTE of 10.2 to 10.5 μm/mK, e. g. for veneering zirconia and lithium disilicate frameworks. The Stabilised Leucite Structure protects against crack propagation chipping and fracture, a recognised problem with some other Zirkonia ceramic systems. Heraceram Zirkonia 750 with it’s SLS formulation gives you proven reliability exactly when and where it’s needed.


  • One ceramic for all types of zirconia and lithium disilicate
  • Adhesive 750. Our unique single bonding strategy.
  • Ultrafine particle size. Elevated surface smoothness and density.
  • Impressive range of chroma dentines ensuring shade accuracy
  • Low temperature firing. No chance of warpage or discolouration


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