The perfect dental machine

The S200 model has been designed to maximise patient comfort.

The S200 can incorporate a full range of optional easy-to-use functions and specialist instruments.

Thanks to the broad selection of hygiene systems, instruments and optional multimedia applications, dentists can customise the S200 to suit their individual needs and enjoy the full potential of numerous cutting-edge devices.




To keep up with the latest technologies, Stern Weber has provided web connectivity for its product range. This recent innovation gives access to optional digital services – which will improve efficiency at dental surgeries. When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote troubleshooting and technical support service. In addition, Di.V.A.*, the digital virtual assistant, optimises the workflow of technologically advanced dental surgeries and, via a dashboard, helps dentists monitor their use of the available instruments, analyzing surgery efficiency. In larger facilities, it is an excellent tool for managing workloads and for planning maintenance.

Built on the concept of permanent reliability, the evolution of Stern Weber integrated treatment centres has resulted in ever-better advantages in terms of performance, ergonomics and practicality. This capacity to adapt and evolve is the key strength of the S200. Whatever your needs, the first thing you require is a dental unit designed for intensive use. The scope for personalisation goes well beyond the usual standards and provides all the very latest innovations developed by Stern Weber.

Designed to fit into your routine, each aspect of the treatment center is conceived to help improve workflow and significantly reduce physical fatigue connected with incorrect posture, both for dentist and assistant staff. Patient chair shaping enables easy access to the operating zone and the excellent scope of the instrument module, mounted either on the standard arm or a shorter 500 mm version, allows for outstanding versatility whether you are assisted or working alone. Over and above the ergonomic set-up, fourteen upholstery colourings, the choice of up to five additional hygiene systems, two control panels and Stern Weber instruments, you can opt for one of three different operating lights and five foot control units.

Opting for maximum comfort demonstrates attentiveness to patient well-being. Making patients the focus of attention is a priority for both dentists and Stern Weber, which provides a broad range of comfort-enhancing options. Lined with hard-wearing upholstery in a wide choice of colors, the patient chair is deliberately shaped to ease the approach to the work area. Made of tough materials and featuring thoroughly tested mechanics, the patient chair offers excellent support and has a lift capacity of 190 kg. Shaped to let dental staff move closer to the patient during treatment, the backrest is suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.

Working comfort is a must for dentists seeking to optimize their time in the surgery In ergonomic terms, the S200 Continental offers maximum flexibility, ensuring easy adaptation to a variety of operating styles. The dentist’s module is compact and light. Extensible instrument tubing eliminates wrist fatigue and balanced instrument levers eliminate interference with the operating light. Equipped with a touch screen with X-ray viewer, the module provides dentists with the usual conservative dentistry functions and lets them read essential data and work parameters on the alphanumeric display.

Rationalized operating space and excellent module mobility In addition to the smooth handling that lets the dentist’s module reach all the usual around-patient operating positions, its design makes for a more orderly work area. To enhance convenience even further, dentists can add optional elements such as the sixth instrument and X-ray viewer. When placed in their holders, instruments are supported securely and arranged diagonally to optimize ergonomics. The syringe is positioned vertically at the start of the hand piece holder, ensuring a good grip. A control panel with a large, easy-toread display is positioned above the instruments. Dentists can control patient chair movements, hygiene systems and other integrated devices.

With its compact, essential design, the unit body can be personalized with top-of-the-range elements. Thanks to sturdy yet simple design, the S200 unit body can be customized to give the dental unit added value. Dentists can opt for a powered cuspidor bowl with optical sensor, select from two different assistant’s module arm variants and choose a 5-holder module. A side hatch gives easy access to the unit body interior to perform routine daily maintenance.

Technologically advanced instruments mean greater potential Stern Weber instruments, designed together with the electronics that control them, guarantee excellent performance and offer dentists a genuine opportunity to personalize their dental units. Integration and consequent control via the control panel ensure dentists perform to the best of their ability. Beyond the quality of the instruments themselves, the system is characterized by advantageous personalized settings, user-friendly control and clear data display on a large screen.

Optional instruments, software and applications for canal treatment. Alongside the optional LCD touch screen control panel, the S200 incorporates all those elements needed to perform endodontic treatment. The apex locator is managed by the control software in ENDO mode. During endodontic treatment, essential data is displayed in a user friendly manner.

From operating light to foot control, dentists are free to choose the configuration that best suits their individual needs. Supplied as standard, the Venus Plus operating light rotates on three axes and puts out a light intensity ranging from 8,000 to 35,000 Lux. The potentiometer-adjusted light features a soft-start function and has a color temperature of 4900K. Two LED operating lights are available as optional. The Venus Plus – L LED, with light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux and a colour temperature of 5000K, incorporates a no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer. The high end Venus LED MCT option has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 95, a factor that allows ultra-high color fidelity. It’s also possible to use 3 color temperatures so users can select the right lighting for their specific clinical disciplines: 4300K warm light for surgical treatment; 5000K neutral light for conservative work; 5500 K cool light for realistic colour capture. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field (from 55 to 85 cm) limit the number of times the dentist has to re position the lamp during treatment. What’s more, “composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite polymerization.

Certified devices and dental unit elements designed for effective protection. Free to configure the dental unit with a broad selection of active devices as desired, dentists can also count on a design concept with an array of features that safeguard patient and surgery staff alike.