Medibase Wipes


Medibase Wipes

Medibase Wipes

  • Medibase wipes are impregnated with both antiseptic and disinfecting solution for rapid acting hand disinfection between patients and for dental instruments and units.
  • Hand antiseptic: rub hands with a towelette for 30 sec., especially between fingers, at the ends of fingers and on fingernails. Do not rinse; let hands air dry.
  • Disinfecting instruments and dental units: Rub the medical device or the surface with a towelette. Do not rinse; leave the product to work.
  • Bactericidal: NF EN 1276.
  • Fungicidal: Candida albicans NF EN 1650, NF EN 1275
  • Virucidal: Active on Herpes. Virus, 3 strains, H1 N1.
  • Thick and resistant wipes.
  • Can be used for hand disinfection.
  • Size of a wipe: 130 x 200mm.


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