Dräger HazMat Simultest Kit


Dräger HazMat Simultest Kit

Dräger HazMat Simultest Kit

The Dräger HazMat Simultest Kit is designed to quickly determine the presence of inorganic and organic gases and vapors. The Simultaneous Test Sets I, II & III consist of five tube sets to detect toxic substances generated from burning combustible materials, flammable liquids or flammable gases and substances evolving from a chemical leak or spill.


Time savings of up to 50%

The Dräger HazMat Simultaneous Test Sets are prepackaged sets of 5 tubes. Air is drawn through the 5 tubes simultaneously using the Dräger 5 tube manifold. The time to draw the air sample is less than 1 minute as compared to approximately 10 minutes using individual tubes.

Qualify gases and vapors for increased safety

Sets I and II are dedicated to inorganic gases and Set III for organic vapors. Set III quickly identifies the presence of ketones, aromatics, alcohols, aliphatics and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Reliable performance under tough conditions

The influence on measurement results by environmental factors like variable ambient temperature or high humidity are reduced to a minimum. This ensures reliable measurements under tough environmental conditions. The contents of the kit are securely packaged in a rugged Pelican case.

No calibration

The tubes are calibrated at the factory and have a two year shelf life (storage between 41-77 °F). The Dräger accuro hand pump does not require calibration, just a simple leak test to confirm the pump will deliver the prescribed volume.

Easy to use

The HazMat Simultest Kit is ready for immediate use in emergency response situations. The measurement procedure is the same for each set, minimizing training. Laminated full color instruction cards are supplied to provide a quick reference on the simple sampling procedures and accurate interpretation of results.