Thermostatically Controlled Cabinet


Thermostatically Controlled Cabinet

Thermostatically Controlled Cabinet

The TC series of thermostatically controlled cabinets is used for continuous temperature control over a range of 2 to 40 °C. This makes them ideal for a wide range of different applications in industrial and research laboratories. In particular they are ideal for the temperature controlled storage of samples or BOD determination in effluent analysis work. Devices such as magnetic stirrers, which require a power supply, can be connected to sockets incorporated in the interior of the cabinet. Improved, robust, insulated housing and highly efficient components provide maximum energy efficiency.


  • Temperature range 2 to 40 °C, continuously adjustable in steps of 0,1 °C
  • Models with glass door: Insulating glass door in an ABS frame. Ceiling lighting, separately switchable
  • Models TC 135 S and TC 140 G are suitable for built under applications
  • Splash-proofed keypad, 2 buttons with tactile feedback
  • Integrated powerful cooling and heating. Coolant: R134a

There are four models available with standard doors, denoted by S, from 135 to 445 litres net capacity, and two models with glass doors, denoted by G, with 140 and 255 litres net capacity.


The integral temperature control unit meets the requirements of the EMC directive issued as IEC 61326: ‘Electrical devices for measurement, monitoring and for use in laboratories’.