Reliable, individual and always up to date: Laboratory furnaces by MIHM-VOGT

Upon special request, laboratory furnaces by MIHM-VOGT can also be adapted to individual requirements. Longevity and a permanently fault-free operation are assured with high quality materials and excellent finishing.

A special powder coating protects the stainless steel housing against aggressive substances. The fireclay inner coating meets the highest quality requirements and ensures long-term durability. Our pre-heating furnaces also have a timer function and controllable sockets for additional equipment.

Important Information:
Contrary to our currently still in circulation printed price lists and advertising documents, we would like to point out that the circulating air versions of the conventional device series are no longer available.
The associated spare parts are of course still available from us.

  • Maximum temperature 1150 °C
  • Thermocouple PtRh-Pt, Type S
  • lndividually controlled outlets for additional devices
  • Timer function


Program control M1 P7
Display 7-Segment LED 4-line LCD
Program numbers —- 30
Steps and holding times 1 4
Individual heat-rate settings 1-30°C/min. per step
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Technical data KM GL
Numbers of muffles 4 pieces 6x 6 pieces 9x
Dimension heating- chamber W/D/H 150/170/100mm 200/250/110mm
Power max. 1600 W 2600 W
Voltage range 200-240 Vt 200-240 V
Weight 31 kg 70 kg
Dimensions W/D/H 400/400/480mm 480/520/580mm


Clean air for a pleasant working atmosphere in the laboratory
Our extraction hoods guarantee a smooth working process and good indoor climate in combination with furnaces and polishing devices.

Thanks to the sleeplessly adjustable extraction, our extraction hoods guarantee optimal air quality at your workplace any time. Additional functions such as a programmable 99 hour timer or an integrated grease filter provide a comfortable, pleasant working atmosphere.

  • Freely adjustable extraction power
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Powerful radial fan
Technical data DU1 DU2 DU3/2 DU3/3
Max. air capacity/min 7 m³ 14 m³ 20 m³ 20 m³
Exhaust pipe Ø 100 mm 100 mm 140 mm 140 mm
99h-timer optional optional Standard Standard
Grease filters not compatible not compatible standard standard
Power max. 120 W 280 W 370 W 370 W
Voltage range 200-240 V 200-240 V 200-240 V 200-240 V
Weight 16 kg 26 kg 47 kg 54 kg
Dimensions W/D/H 500/600/510mm 1000/600/600mm 1200/700/400mm 1800/700/400mm


Sustainable working with the correct accessories

Optional original accessories by MIHM-VOGT are the perfect supplement for each laboratory furnace. For example, a special fume extraction fan protects the heating chamber and thus extends its service life by extracting surplus humidity from the interior of the furnace.

A catalytic converter helps to reduce environmental damage and improve the working atmosphere for the laboratory employees, as wax vapours are burnt off, pollutants are broken down and significantly reduced, thus also noticeably reducing unpleasant smells.

Fume extraction fans as well as catalytic converters can be controlled directly via a corresponding socket on the rear of the furnace. They can also be mounted to every MIHM-VOGT laboratory furnace at a later date.

Technical data KN2 DG2 ZwL2
Max. air capacity/h 300 m³ 80 m³ 390 m³
Exhaust pipe Ø 150 mm 80 mm 150 mm
Power max. 600 W 30 W 45 W
Voltage range 200-240 V 200-240 V 200-240 V
Weight 4,4 kg 2,9 kg 1,9 kg
Dimensions D/H 170/390 mm 160/480 mm 200/155 mm