NIR analyzers have become an indispensible tool for the monitoring of production process technology and quality control of food products. The Lumex InfraLUM FT- 12 NIR analyzer is used for rapid analysis of various agricultural and food products and beverages enabling simultaneous determination of main constituents/parameters with the highest accuracy possible. The analysis is very rapid (1.5minute) and non-destructive, and usually does not require any sample preparation at all. Used routinely, the instrument allows significant analysis costs reduction compared to common wet-chemical methods. Thanks to the use of FT spectroscopy, the InfraLUM FT- 12 model features a very precise and reproducible analysis.

The main application areas are:


  • rapid analysis of quality parameters of cereals (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content, and other parameters) of wheat, barley, corn, and grain products etc.
  • monitoring of flour quality at various stages of the milling process
  • determination of oil content, moisture and other quality parameters of interest in oilseeds
  • processed products, quality control of compound feed production
Grain elevators and grain receiving NIR Analyzers InfraLUM FT-12 and InfraLUM FT-40 provide incoming grain quality control in each truck for grain storage and sorting in lots according to prescribed quality parameters. The determination of grain quality in each truck reduces the risk of inadequate grain placing in grain silo and makes grain quality adulteration less probable.

The use of NIR analyzers makes it possible to reduce the downtime of the grain delivery trucks in queue during harvest season.

Oilseed processing plants InfraLUM FT-12 provides the determination of oil content in a wide variety of oilseeds in each lot. The quality control of oil and of side products (oilseed meal) may be done with the same instrument.
Grain trading companies The use of NIR analyzers equipped with unified corporate calibration software provides the uniformity needed for quality assurance testing at all company facilities.
Flour milling Quality control of incoming grain, monitoring of the stages of the milling process, and quality control of the final product specifications.


In the dairy industry, the instrument is installed at milk processing plants for quality control of milk and milk products (cheese, curd, yoghurt, milk powder and others) for main quality parameters. Routine analysis is made simple with our analyzer – products are analyzed as they are, without any sample pre- treatment. The availability of rapid control allows optimization and strict control over the production process.


Analysis of meat products, fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, vegetable oils, wines and other products is made easy with our NIR analyzers.


Some of the selected applications for our NIR analyzers are listed below:

Wheat grains Protein, moisture, gluten, glassiness, fiber
Wheat flour Protein, moisture, gluten, ash, whiteness
Wheat bran Protein, moisture, ash
Barley Protein, moisture, fiber
Corn Protein, moisture, oil, fiber, starch
Soybeans Protein, moisture, fiber
Soybean meal Protein, moisture, oil, fiber
Peas Protein, moisture
Rapeseed Protein, moisture, oil, erucic acid, glucosinolates
Rapeseed meal Protein, moisture, oil
linseed Moisture, oil
Sunflower seed Protein, moisture, oil
Sunflower meal Protein, moisture, oil, fiber
Sunflower oil Phosphorus content
Rye (grains) Protein, moisture, starch, fiber, ash
Rye flour Moisture, ash
Hay, haylage Protein, moisture, fiber, fat
Compound feed Protein, moisture, fat, ash, fiber
Oats Protein, moisture, fiber
Triticale Protein, moisture, fiber
Fish flour Protein, moisture, fat, phosphorus, ash
Yeast Protein, Barnstein protein, moisture
Raw milk Protein, fat, total solids, lactose, freezing point
Milk powder Protein, fat,moisture
Cheese Fat, total solids, salt
Yoghurt Protein, fat, total solids, sugar
Curds Protein, fat, total solids, sugar
Butter Fat, total solids, SNF
Meat and meat products Protein, fat, moisture
Fish and seafood Protein, fat, moisture, salt
Mayonnaise Moisture, oil, dried egg yolk
Potatoes Moisture
Apples Moisture
Wine Ethanol, sugar, titrated acidity, total sulphur dioxide, total dry extract, рН

The list above is not complete and other products and parameters/compounds may be controlled. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices for more detailed information.


Operation with the instrument is very simple

1. Fill the sample cell, choose the analyzed product in the menu and start the measurement.

2. Result obtained in 1.5 minutes.


  • NIR analyzer InfraLUM FT-12 with a set of cells
  • Calibration databases (in accordance with a list of parameters of interest)
  • Industrial computer with a touch screen or personal computer with Windows® OS, CD-ROM, 2 free USB ports
  • Installation including personnel training at the Customer’s site
  • Service and maintenance contract