ACUSON NX2 Series Ultrasound System


ACUSON NX2 Series Ultrasound System

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ACUSON NX2 Series Ultrasound System

Created with clinical reliability, process efficiency, and future sustainability in mind, the ACUSON NX2™ ultrasound system is a smart-inspired solution, providing premium imaging performance across clinical applications. ACUSON NX2 Elite is the new addition to the ACUSON NX Series with the largest-in-class, 21.5”, 1080p HD display.


The system has 16 imaging technologies and features including Advanced fourSight™ technology, DTI™ Doppler Tissue Imaging capability and eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging. ACUSON NX2 Elite also supports CW2 and CW5 pencil transducers in addition to the new 10MC3 endocavity transducer.


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