S5. Dusk-till-dawn milling and grinding.

The S5 is a highly versatile dental milling machine. It has five simultaneously operating axes, a blank changer for eight blanks and is designed for both dry and wet machining. With the optional wet grinding module, you can grind all common types of glass ceramic.

8 => DISCS
24 => BLOCKS

1 => BLANK

Enjoy the freedom of choice.

No material is off limits: discs, blocks, and abutments

  • composites
  • plastics/wax
  • glass ceramics
  • zirconia
  • titanium
  • CoCr

Maximum freedom of indication

  • crown/bridge
  • inlay/onlay
  • abutment
  • telescopic crown
  • model plate
  • model cast
  • occlusal splint
  • model tooth

  • implant bar
  • veneer
  • drilling template
  • denture
  • secondary crown
  • occlusally screwretained bridge
  • protrusion splint

Five simultaneously operating axes

The second rotary axis (B axis) with a tilt angle of up to ± 30 degrees enables the precise milling of undercuts.

Non-stop machining

Thanks to the eightfold blank changer, you get performance that won’t stop. The changer can be loaded with blanks via a small flap in the front and the correct blank for your milling job is then automatically inserted into the clamping device when needed. As a result, you can mill around the clock.

Wet grinding option

The S5 can be equipped with a wet grinding module. Liquid nozzles are already mounted to the spindle to cool the tool during grinding. This module allows you to grind materials such as glass ceramics.

More efficiency and comfort

With the three integrated ionizers, users of the S5 considerably reduce their cleaning effort, as static charge of acrylic chips, such as PMMA, is neutralized largely. Air nozzles distribute the ionized air in the working area for excellent results.

Further features

Highest precision

  • Restorations in ultra HD
  • Premium spindle with precision bearing, a powerful 600 watts and 60,000 RPM
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy

Maximum variety

  • Almost unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format as well as 38 block materials and > 800 prefabricated titanium and CoCr abutment blanks
  • Large indication diversity due to a ± 30° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 30 mm blanks
  • Optional wet-grinding module converts the S5 into a wet-processing machine

Tremendous stability

  • Processes all types of materials, including CoCr, titanium, and glass-ceramics
  • Solid cast-body for minimum vibrations

Outstanding reliability

  • Day and night operation
  • 100 % engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • 24-month warranty

Maximum efficiency

  • Milling and grinding around the clock due to automatic changer for 8 discs, 24 blocks or 48 prefabricated abutments
  • Automatic changer for 16 tools
  • 3 ionizers neutralize the static charge of acrylic chips – for a clean working chamber
  • Very easy to operate via DentalCAM software with DirectMill function – included in scope of delivery and without license fees