Chaperon® – Guiding Catheters

Product Benefits

Integrated guiding catheter system offering support and a large inner diameter lumen, featuring a unique inner catheter option for rapid atraumatic access

Large 6F Catheter ID Allows for Multiple Catheter Usage

Thin PTFE layer and flat wire braid creates increased lumen diameter

Control and Maneuverability

o Designed for increased kink resistance
o Excellent torque transmission and maneuverability

Trackability and Sustained Lubricity

Soft inner catheter options with Hydrophilic Coating


Product Name Product Code Type OD Inner / Outer (French)  ID (inches) Shape
Chaperon 5F GC595STJB System 4/5 0.059 STR/JB2
Chaperon 5F GC595STVT System 4/5 0.059 STR/VTR
Chaperon 5F GC595STSI System 4/5 0.059 STR/SIM
Chaperon 5F GC595M2JB System 4/5 0.059 MP2/JB2
Chaperon 5F GC595M2VT System 4/5 0.059 MP2/VTR
Chaperon 5F GC595M2SI System 4/5 0.059 MP2/SIM
Chaperon 6F GC695STJB System 5/6 0.071 STR/JB2
Chaperon 6F GC695STVT System 5/6 0.071 STR/VTR
Chaperon 6F GC695STSI System 5/6 0.071 STR/SIM
Chaperon 6F GC695M2JB System 5/6 0.071 MP2/JB2
Chaperon 6F GC695M2VT System 5/6 0.071 MP2/VTR
Chaperon 6F GC695M2SI System 5/6 0.071 MP2/SIM
Chaperon 6F GC695BUJB System 5/6 0.071 BUR/JB2
Chaperon 6F GC695BUVT System 5/6 0.071 BUR/VTR