Thermoreactor RD 125


Thermoreactor RD 125

Thermoreactor RD 125

Flexible thermoreactor for sample preparation of photometrical determination of COD, total chrome, total phosphate, total nitrogen and TOC. Digestion is possible with three temperature ranges and three pre-programmed reaction times.


Laboratory refrigerators typically maintain internal temperatures between 2° and 8°C.

Most laboratory refrigerators provide more stable temperatures than commercial refrigerators. Temperatures in stand-alone units (without freezers) are especially not affected by the frequent warming and cooling cycles required for frost-free operation.

    • Three Temperature Ranges

The reactor can operate optionally with 100°C, 120°C or 150°C – depending in each case on the sample to be prepared.

    • Three Different Reaction Times

Three different reaction times are available with 30, 60 and 120 minutes. Your advantage: Afterwards the unit switched itself off automatically.

    • Large Cuvette Shaft

Place up to 24 16-mm-round cuvettes in the RD 125.

    • Voltage Change Possible

The RD 125 can be used with various voltages: Choose 110 V and 220 V with the voltage selector on the back.