DI 20 Incubator


DI 20 Incubator

DI 20 Incubator

Our new DI 20 incubator has been designed to allow the user to reach global drinking water standards for testing, even in difficult environments.
The DI 20 incubator is a high quality, portable, lightweight incubator for microbiological testing of water using plates. It is the only incubator of its type to come with heating and cooling as standard ensuring the samples are incubated at the correct temperature no matter what ambient conditions.

Its innovative design also includes a small petri dish holder utilising our re-usable stainless steel micro plates, the dishes allow each incubator to perform up to 20 tests.
Its sleek design and intuitive pictographic buttons ensure that it can be used with little or no training and its LED lights allow users to see at a glance how far through a cycle the incubation is, and that the temperature is stable.


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