OTV S200

The VISERA ELITE II video system center combines the LED light source and the processor in one box. It defines a new means of simplicity in the OR. One single cable for 2D observation and an intuitive touch panel for control, with no interruption of the procedure.

Key Benefits

All-in-One 2D Processor and Light Source

Capable of 2D observation
Compact system for simplified work flow

LCD Touch Panel

Intuitive handling and setup
Presets allow easy preparation and maintenance

LED Light Source

Reduction in running costs thanks to the long lifetime of the LEDs
Excellent natural color reproduction with the combination of an enhanced imaging process

Special Light Observation

NBI and two modes of IR observation



Power Supply Rated voltage 100-240 V AC; within ±10%
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz; within ±1 Hz
Rated input 400 VA
Size Dimensions (maximum) 383 (W) × 199 (H) × 506 (D) mm
Weight 19.3 kg
Observation Analog signal output VBS composite and Y/C; simultaneous outputs possible.
Digital signal output HD-SDI (SMPTE292M), DVI (WUXGA, 1080 pixels, or SXGA can be selected)
Electronic zoom The image enlargement level can be selected. 3 modes (1.0×, 1.2×, 1.5×)
Optical-digital observation The optical-digital observation can be performed. The endoscope compatible with the optical-digital observation is required.
NBI observation This observation mode uses narrow-band light
IR observation This observation mode uses infrared light
Documentation Remote control The following ancillary equipment can be controlled (specified models only):
• Portable memory / • Video recorder / • Video printer / • Image filing system
Recording format and number of recorded images in internal memory TIFF: no compression Approx. 120 images
JPEG (1/5): Approx.
1/5 compression
Approx. 636 images
JPEG (1/10): Approx.
1/10 compression
Approx. 1108 images
These are the numbers of recorded images when both HDTV and SDTV images are recorded.
These numbers vary depending on the images.
Illumination Examination lamp LED
Cooling Forced-air cooling
Providing maximum light intensity Less than 5.64 W (approximately same as Olympus light source that is mounted xenon short-arc lamp 300 W)
Observation mode WLI or NBI observation
IR observation (when connected to CLV-S200-IR)
Automatic Brightness Adjustment Automatic brightness adjustment method LED drive current control
Automatic exposure 17 steps
Brightness mode Auto
Classification (Medical Electrical Equipment) Type of protection against electric shock Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock of applied part Depends on applied part. Also refer to applied part (camera head or videoscope).
Degree of protection against explosion The video system center should be kept away from flammable gases