To keep up with the latest technologies, Stern Weber has provided web connectivity for its product range. This recent innovation gives access to optional digital services – which will improve efficiency at dental surgeries. When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote troubleshooting and technical support service. In addition, Di.V.A.*, the digital virtual assistant, optimizes the workflow of technologically advanced dental surgeries and, via a dashboard, helps dentists monitor their use of the available instruments, analyzing surgery efficiency. In larger facilities, it is an excellent tool for managing workloads and for planning maintenance.


A patient chair designed for patient comfort and the convenience of the dental team. Exceptional access to the operating zone as the compact patient chair has no on-floor footprint. Maximum comfort for the patient, who receives a flawless welcome. Hard-wearing upholstery, a lifting capacity of up to 190 kg and a safe and reliable system of motors.


Exclusive movements for unique performance. Available as an optional, the innovative horizontal sliding function of the patient chair adds operating space for dentists working in the 12 o’clock position. When synchronized with the backrest movements, the horizontal sliding minimizes any compression or stretching of the patient’s back, providing an experience of total relaxation. This synchronized movement allows adjustment of the backrest tilt while keeping the oral cavity under the operating light beam. It also makes use of the microscope easier. The sliding patient chair is equipped with soft-start and soft-stop technology for gentle and silent movement.


The new 7” multi-touch control panel allows full and precise operational control of dynamic instruments and integrated systems. All branches of dentistry benefit from the evolved system of parameter settings, which also cover specialist treatments such as endodontics and implantology. The simple, user-friendly interface provides a clear view of all information and offers numerous customization. Designed for clinical environments, it is resistant to impact and water, and thanks to the accelerometer, it can be positioned to suit your needs. In the “Clinic” version, the large 7” touch screen ensures excellent visibility from any angle. The optional Multimedia version optimizes image and video display with HD resolution.



Precise settings and intuitive controls. Advanced electronics for total control and perfect management of the instrument settings for each clinical specialization. Dentists benefit from maximum performance and can customize the features according to their preferences, to achieve their full potential in all clinical areas. Advanced controls ensure precise management of instrument settings, which can be personalized and saved for one or more users.


Instruments, functions and integrated devices for implantology and endodontics. The dental unit incorporates all the elements needed to perform specialist treatment. With the i-XS4 micro-motor, dentists can switch from conservative mode to ENDO or IMPLANT mode at any time. User -friendly controls, personalized parameters for one or more dentists, data displayed on the control panel. The Full Touch panel, in both the Clinic and Multimedia versions, becomes a dedicated interface for the specialist treatment in progress. Both modes provide useful support during treatment, saving time and speeding up workflows.


A latest-generation light for every clinical need. The new Venus LED MCT lamp is an important step in the evolution of clinical lighting. The color rendering index (CRI) is above 95, allowing ultra-high color fidelity, and the choice of 3 different color temperatures enables users to select the right lighting for the specific clinical procedure. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field, from 55 to 85 cm, reduce the need for the dentist to re position the lamp during treatment. In addition, “composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite curing.


Exceptional maneuverability to support all operating styles. Smaller dimensions, compact geometry and new arms for the Continental module. All operating positions can be reached without effort. Setting the working height is easy thanks to the pneumatic brake that releases the arm system, activated by a sensor on the handle. Instrument lever height has been reduced to minimise interference with the light in the work zone. The light, streamlined dentist’s module never interferes with the lamp during operations and can reach the trans-thoracic position, thanks to the ample rotation of the arm system.


A module designed in accordance with the ergonomic needs required and tested by daily clinical procedures. Thanks to the design and mobility of the arm unit, dentists can position the module to suit their own clinical needs, in all operating positions. Having all the right instruments always at your fingertips is simple, thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of the supports. The large display includes controls for patient chair movement, instruments and integrated systems.



Everything required for X-ray diagnostics on board the machine. The system features advanced technology, including the X-ray unit with digital wireless hand-held controller, a LED monitor with optional touch-screen function and a latest-generation digital sensor. The X-ray image can be shown in mere seconds on both the 22” monitor and the 7” display on the Full Touch control panel in the Multimedia version. Diagnostic potential is increased and treatment


Sharing to increase patient motivation. The latest-generation HD dental camera and Full HD 16:9 tilt-adjustable medical monitor are available to the dentist in an integrated multimedia system, as a powerful patient motivation tool. The dental camera, thanks to the slender handpiece design, can reach distal zones with ease. Excellent depth of field eliminates.


Scientifically certified hygiene systems for the total peace of mind of the team and the patient. A wide range of hygiene devices can be managed with ease through the Full Touch control panel. Dentists can configure their own dental unit in accordance with specific needs. The user-friendly interface helps users manage maintenance and daily disinfection of the water circuits, while protecting the operating unit against pathogens.


Designed to prevent the risk of infection. Stern Weber ensures hygiene by using active devices and applying a concept developed during the design stage. All-round protection for dentists, patients and all personnel who come into contact with the dental unit. From removable parts that streamline daily cleaning tasks (e.g. cuspidor bowl and upholstery) to simple-to-sanitize surfaces and a selection of materials that make disinfection easier.

Stern Weber S280 TRC – Brochure