Built on the concept of permanent reliability, the evolution of Stern Weber integrated treatment centres has resulted in ever-better advantages in terms of performance, ergonomics and practicality. This capacity to adapt and evolve is the key strength of the S200. Whatever your needs, the first thing you require is a dental unit designed for intensive use. The scope for personalisation goes well beyond the usual standards and provides all the very latest innovations developed by Stern Weber.

Built to work for you

Designed to fit into your routine, each aspect of the treatment centre is conceived to help improve workflow and significantly reduce physical fatigue connected with incorrect posture, both for dentist and assistant staff. Patient chair shaping enables easy access to the operating zone and the excellent scope of the instrument module, mounted either on the standard arm or a shorter 500 mm version, allows for outstanding versatility whether you are assisted or working alone.
Over and above the ergonomic set-up, fourteen upholstery colourings, the choice of up to five additional hygiene systems, two control panels and Stern Weber instruments, you can opt for one of three different operating lights and five foot control units.

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