Pre-heating furnaces

Mihm-Vogt laboratory furnaces are reliable units and easy to operate. Depending on the size of the furnace, the user can choose from heating chambers for 4 – 18 casting muffles with a diameter of 6 – 8 cm, which are heated up evenly on all four sides.

The furnace electronics not only ensure that the set temperatures and heating rates are controlled exactly, but also make the equipment very easy to use. You can not only start the programs that you have preset individually immediately, but you can also start them using the casting-time feature. The furnace then switches on automatically and preheats your muffles on the required day and at the required casting time.

The two sockets on the unit are also practical and can be used to directly connect a vapour extraction blower or a catalytic converter and an exhaust hood. Switch-off temperatures can be programmed directly via the furnace.

All our pre-heating furnaces are geared towards user-friendliness and longevity. We therefore only use stainless-steel housings with a protective powder coating. The heating chambers are manufactured with care and are coated by hand using fireclay. While the KM model (see figure on the left: KMP7) opens conveniently towards the front, all other larger units have a door that opens handily to the side via a parallel guide.

Special accessories

Vapour extraction blower or catalytic converter
Exhaust hood