HIQ + Hand Instruments

The HiQ+ laparoscopic instrument portfolio combines performance with value. The portfolio consists of reusable monopolar and bipolar graspers and dissectors, RF electrodes, needle holders, and suction irrigation devices.

The HiQ+ Hand Instrument series features bipolar and monopolar hand instruments, monopolar HF electrodes, a modular suction and irrigation system, needle holders, and other devices to meet a wide array of surgical needs. For detailed specification or to determine the appropriate instrument for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance.

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HiQ + Monopolar Hand Instruments

HiQ + Monopolar Hand Instruments

Hand Instrument HiQ+ Monopolar Hand Instruments
  • Strong but precise control
  • Streamlined handle for a perfect fit
  • Multiple hand positions

HiQ + Monopolar HF Electrode

Hand Instrument HiQ+ Monopolar HF Electrode
  • Safety
  • Ergonomy
  • Durability

HiQ + Bipolar Hand Instruments

Hand Instrument HiQ+ Bipolar Hand Instruments
  • Bipolar safety
  • Strong grasping and dissection
  • Reliable coagulation

HiQ + Suction and Irrigation Instrument

Hand Instrument HiQ+ Suction and Irrigation Instrument
  • Clog-free operation
  • Readily customizable
  • Optimised ergonomics

HiQ + Needle Holder

Hand Instrument HiQ+ Needle Holder
  • Strong and durable
  • Exchangeable jaw inserts
  • Optimised ergonomics

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